by Mackenzie Reed

APORTA Shop ambassador, maker, writer

It should come as no surprise that we at APORTA Shop love a good candle. While we stock candles of all varieties and ingredients, we have a soft spot for a good, handmade, beeswax candle. Beeswax has been used since the seventh millennium by Neolithic people in Eastern Europe and Northern Africa. These communities used beeswax in tools, rituals, cosmetics, medicine, and to make their vessels waterproof. Today, the primary use of beeswax is in candles and cosmetics.

So, what is beeswax? Beeswax is the substance that bees secrete after they consume honey. They use this substance to make their hives. Bees have to fly about 150,000 miles, stopping to visit 33 million flowers, to collect the nectar to produce six pounds of honey, which can then be converted into about two pounds of beeswax. This is why beeswax candles are often priced higher than soy or paraffin candles. 

So, why should you spend the extra money to buy beeswax candles? For starters, you want to make sure you are buying 100% beeswax candles, as some companies only use 5% beeswax and can market their candles as beeswax candles. With 100% beeswax candles, you can ensure that you are getting the most natural wax that doesn’t produce any toxic byproducts or soot when burning. Beeswax is also naturally dripless so it makes for a safer candle experience without the worry of hot wax getting all over you or your furniture! When burning beeswax candles, they emit negative ions which help to neutralize pollutants in the air. They can help eliminate dust, odors, and mold in the air which can help folks with allergies breathe easier. Finally, their natural, sweet, honey scent promotes relaxation and doesn’t create a sickly sweet or off-putting scent that other candles can sometimes emit. 

We have a lovely selection of beeswax tapers in store today. They are perfect for post-vaccination dinner parties, reading by candlelight, and every day coziness. We can’t wait to see them in your home!

A gorgeous melted mess of beeswax candles.
Photo credit Skylar Clang.

Reading by candlelight; a warm glow. Photo credit Taryn Elliott.