What your favorite

tilda swinton

movie says about you

We Need To Talk About Kevin

You just might have mommy issues! Regardless of the situation with you mom, you have an unending desire to travel and you probably need a good manicure. Check out one of our favorite all natural nail brushes in store while you plan your next adventure! Perhaps the Tomatino next year?

Only Lovers Left Alive

You are a hopeless romantic that desperately needs their own space! You have a soft spot for nature and you strive to always see the best in everyone. You're definitely gonna need
a pair of our favorite sunnies next time you venture outside! 


You care deeply about the environment and would do anything to help make change; and you certainly aren't afraid of any bugs along the way! Everything you own has a specific place and you are most at peace when everything is put away properly. Check out some our favorite eco-friendly goodies!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

You like the classics! And there is nothing wrong with that! It really is the simple things in life for you; like the secret affair with the concierge at a 5 star hotel deep in the mountains of a foreign town. You better take one of our APORTA Beanies with you!

Suspiria (2018)

You are NOT a fan of the classics! And we appreciate that too! There's something about dancing that is just so....spellbinding. You better grab a set of
our Japanese rice wax candles for all your manifesting needs!

A Bigger Splash

You're definitely a huge hipster, you love to love the lesser known things! You have like one million friends and have a story about everyone. You should grab one our Midori notebooks so you can keep everything straight!