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The Hygge Gift Box - December

The Hygge Gift Box - December

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The Hygge Gift Box - December edition by APORTA Shop. Let APORTA's Danish heritage set you up for the perfect Hygge experience. Inside the December edition are curated surprises to calm you, keep you cosy and invoke the "hygge" spirit. Hand picked by APORTA Shop owner Noelle Sharp, items in the Hygge Gift Box are exclusive to these gift boxes and not found in store or online. 

Who doesn't like surprises? Treat yourself or a loved one. Sending as a gift? Leave a note in the "note" section when checking out and a hand written note will be included (please keep under 5 sentences or less). Limited edition. Boxes will be shipped the first week of December.

Hint: December's box will have you snacking like a Scandinavian, sipping something calming and sending a loved one a festive little note.

What does hygge mean?

Hygge is a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable. It's also often used as an adjective meaning "cozy or comfortable."

Where did hygge come from?

About mid-20th century, the Danish word hygge (pronounced something like \HEW-guh\) began appearing in English writing, as a noun and adjective, to refer to cozy and comfortable surroundings that invoke an inner sense of contentment or well-being. The Danish word carries a similar meaning, and the Danes borrowed it from Norwegian , where it has the meaning of "comfort" and "coziness."

Scenes in which hygge is evident include two people warmly snuggling by a roaring fire on a cold winter's night while sipping glogg or hot cocoa; or an intimate gathering of friends at someone's house for a candle-lit dinner, conversation, and light entertainment. In these scenes, the fire and candles are traditional elements in establishing hygge. This tradition is likely connected to the endlessly dark Nordic winters, during which people in the past found comfort and relaxation in watching their flickering dance.