Vintage Navajo Jacla Necklace


Gorgeous hand made Navajo Jacla Necklace bought from a beautiful Elder from the Navajo Nation. She hand beaded/strung the beautiful stones/beads on a waxed cotton thread. Truly an heirloom piece. Measures a little over 18'' long with the ability to shorten or lengthen. 

Traditionally a Pueblo jewelry adornment, a jacla is two loops of heishi that were originally earrings and sometimes fastened to the bottom of a stone necklace as a pendant-like attachment.

Jacla is Navajo for “ear string”. The Navajo spelling is the most commonly used version of the word. Jocla is also common but jackla is a phonetic mis-spelling. Although jaclas are attributed to the Rio Grande Pueblo Indians, they were traded with other tribes so have become associated with the Navajo as well. They are seen in vintage photos being worn by members of all southwest tribes, both men and women.

In the oldest style necklaces, the jacla is a pair of loop earrings tied onto the necklace.

This is a vintage, previously owned Jacla Navajo Necklace. Therefore, light wear can be expected.