APORTA Textiles Vintage Jersey

$115.00 $210.00

Say hello to you new favorite shirt. Custom made for APORTA Shop by Hometown Jersey, 100% Made in the U.S.A. and reminiscent of vintage motorcycle jerseys. Applied and stitched felt letters by hand for a completely custom jersey. Made of fine gauge 100% heavy cotton knit, super comfortable and gets better with age.  

APORTA Textiles Vintage Jersey is cut like a vintage racing jersey. The length is shorter than most modern shirts today. All part of the characteristics that makes it the great looking authentic garment that it is. 

Sizing is unisex.View on size chart at left for correct sizing. Please measure to ensure proper fit. Take a pull over shirt you already like the fit of, like a sweat shirt, and measure against the chart to ensure proper fit for you. 

Care: The lettering is made from wool. To keep it looking great, we recommend washing in cold, shake it out and throw over a chair or lay flat to dry. Care for it like you would a vintage garment. If you happen to throw if in the dryer by accident, the wool felt will get fluffy or fuzzy. It doesn't ruin the garment, it just has a more "worn" look. You can feel free to iron over the top of the wool to smooth it back down a bit. When ironing over the cream felt use a warm, not hot iron.