November First Friday Mini Tarot readings with Bridget Ambrose


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One card reading (15 minutes) $25 

How do we hold ourselves through the discomfort in times of change? How do we allow these moments to stretch us and connect us to our wisdom, our healing and each other? 

Sometimes it takes a spell to break a spell. What we heal in ourselves we heal in the collective. What are you carrying that keeps you from being your fullest most empowered self? 

These shorter yet direct readings can be very supportive when you are searching for some clarity, reassurance and grounding around a particular situation or life event.  

Come join us to reawaken what is already within. 
Never forgetting. Always rising. 

Bridget Ambrose — Energy Intuitive will be in store offering short tarot readings. 

The cards have a way to bring you back home to yourself. There is something at the core of our souls that recognizes all the archetypes and energies. Though the tarot is often steeped in myth and mystery the emotions, the experiences are universal. So if you feel curious, come gather all you need to cast your spell of remembering and reclaiming. Come with your doubt, come with your skepticism, your fear, or preconceived notions, but come

*Please arrive on time and ready to meet with Bridget. Pick local pick up during check out.