Dining Tapers


Naturally handcrafted beeswax dining candles to set the perfect ambiance in your home. 

Dimensions: height 28 cm x ~18 mm diameter
Handmade in Montana by Waxing Moon. 

JasmineJasmine wax is created as a by-product of the essential oil industry. This ingredient is the only one except for the beeswax, providing both the color and scent. The scent is reminiscent of a hot cup of jasmine tea; botanical, earthy, and sweet. Ingredients: beeswax, jasmine wax, and cotton wick

Brown Sugar / A different sort of beeswax, tan in color with a strong + sweet scent that is reminiscent of burnt sugar or crème brûlée. The only ingredient besides our pure beeswax is the cotton wick. Ingredients: beeswax and cotton wick.

Lapsang / Beeswax is infused with Lapsang Souchong Tea; a black tea that has been smoked over pinewood. The intense, smoky smell blends with the beeswax to create a candle that tricks the nose into thinking you’re sitting outside beside a fire. Ingredients: beeswax, lapsang tea, eco-dye, and cotton wick.