Drift Print


Drift 02 by Tenna Elisabeth Studio is a result of experimental processes combining form and medium. Small blobs of black and white paint are pressed and squeezed across the composition, resulting in a merging of color and texture as the individual blobs of paint blend and meld together. Capturing a sense of movement caught in time, the forms extend and flow to create a piece that is texturally rich and visually soothing.

Tenna Elisabeth Studio is a Copenhagen based workshop of graphic designer Tenna Elisabeth Jacobsen. He design process springs from a love for handcrafted printing techniques and a curiosity toward digital possibilities, manifesting itself through creative improvisations and experiments with new techniques, approaches, materials and media. Tenna's artwork is characterized by a tactile graphic universe inspired by the intensity of a color and the meeting between different materials and textures. 

All poster products are produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system.

200g uncoated, FSC certified, acid-free paper

50x70 cm   

With varied backgrounds including fashion, architecture and illustration, the growing group of Paper Collective artists constantly renew and refresh their collection of original and iconic art prints.