FS Objects Brass Fire Kit


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Inspired by the limited edition Life is Precious Survival Kit created in 2013, the Fire Kit was designed as a self-contained match kit.

The waterproof canister features a precision knurled cap for grip and is engraved with “FIRE - LIGHT & WARMTH – STRIKE ON BOTTOM”. Use the strike anywhere matches from inside the vessel to strike on the roughened bottom surface of the canister. 3 3/4 in x 1 1/8 in.

Please note: the brass is intentionally left unfinished. It will develop a beautiful patina with time and touch but can be easily polished to maintain shine.

CAUTION: For adult use only. Strike matches away from the body, being careful of bystanders and sparks. Monitor lit matches until completely burned; run under water to be certain match is no longer lit.