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Replenish, restore, and renew your face with Gypsy Rose Toner. The sweet floral scent helps to soothe and nourish sensitive and irritated skin conditions. Rose's nourishing effect is cooling and anti-inflammatory helping to calm and tonify blood vessels. Infused with rose quartz increasing love and compassion. Spray on face morning and night. 

Poppy & Someday's product line features an evolving collection of organic body care products, each of which is comprised of a unique blend of ingredients. The product design process is rooted in the study of Ayurveda and Western Herbalism and focuses on native plant ingredients. Every ingredient comes from Mother Earth and never contains any synthetics or preservatives.

Gypsy Rose Toner comes in a 4 oz frosted glass bottle. Shake well. Handmade in Laurel Canyon, California.

Organic Ingredients:  Rose Quartz crystal, Rose Otto and Palmarosa Essential Oil, Rose Hydrosol, Evening Primrose Oil, Witch Hazel Extract (alcohol) and Alkalined Water.