Handmade Wooden Japanese Animal


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"Polepole" means slowly, little by little, in Swahili. The Japanese manufacturer T-Lab is committed to handing down the craft of woodworking. The original minimalist design, round and smooth, makes these animals very endearing and cute.Cut, carved, finely sanded and finally painted by hand, each piece is somewhat different and completely unique. Handcrafted in Bali. Vegetable-based paint. Albizia Falcata" wood from eco-responsible forests. Each animal is different, each model is unique: the size and shape of the animal may vary. Decorative object, not suitable for small children

While the design and concept are indeed inspired by foreign cultures, the manufacturer is not African but Japanese. In fact, the design fits quite well with Scandinavian designs, for example. This original and sensitive product comes from T-Lab, based in Hyogo Prefecture, in the Kansai region of Japan.

The minimalist, rounded and cute design of these wooden statues hides a deeper reflection than one might think. T-Lab's motto is to "warm people's hearts" with craftsmanship passed down "from their hand to yours".

In addition to the artistic and technical aspect necessary for any craft product, T-Lab gives a philosophical and social meaning to its creations. Each piece is handmade, carved, sanded and painted by hand, which takes a lot of time.

But this is part of their philosophy: T-Lab's slogan (in Japanese) is not easy to translate literally, but it essentially means "To shape slowness, into a form", or "To shape slowness". This gives the name "polepole" a whole new meaning, doesn't it?