Holy Ficus Candle

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The revered fig tree of Siddhartha and Lord KṚṢṆA. Silently watch the flame for 7 hours and you may spy liberation.

The Holy Ficus Candle by D.S. & DURGA takes the sweet, woody fragrance of fig, and blends it with opulent spiced notes of cardamom, frankincense, ginger root and saffron. This contemporary scent celebrates the revered fig tree of Siddartha and Lord Krishna, entwining the fruit with rich Indian spice to radiate warmth throughout your room.

Brooklyn perfume pioneers, D.S. & Durga have forged a cult following for their uniquely refined fragrances. Each scent conjures a fantastical world, where art, music and memory entwine.

ScentNotes: Fig, Cardamom, Cedar, Frankincense, Fruit, Ginger, Herb, Saffron, Spice, Wood
Fragrance Style: Woody, Fruity
Wax: Blended Wax
Wick: Cotton Wick
Approximate Duration: 200g – 60hrs