ilog Candle Holders

$34.00 $40.00

A lovely desk, coffee table or bedside candleholder for tapers and pillars by Debbie Carlos. Each candle holder is wheel thrown using a dark, iron rich stoneware clay or a warm red speckled clay and then hand glazed in a way that makes each dish unique. Each dish also features a small spike in the center to stabilize your candle. Ilog (pronounced ee-lohg) means river in Tagalog and the way the white glaze flows through, over & drips down the side of the bowl is a reference to its movement.

Bowl measures approximately 5” in diameter.

TIP! Hold a flame to the spike to heat it up and your candle will easily fit onto it.

Debbie Carlos is a photographer and ceramicist based in Michigan. After growing up I’m California and the Philippines, she moved back to the U.S. for college, obtaining a degree in psychology from Clark University before graduating with a concentration in photography from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Her ceramic works are inspired by land and architecture. It is playful, experimenting with shape, size and materials to create unexpected and beautiful functional and sculptural objects.