Japanese "My Chopsticks" Making Kit


Make your own chopsticks using this kit from Urban Ole Echopark from Osaka, Japan.The kit contains a roughly shaped wood blocks to carve from, three grades of sand
paper, and beeswax and cloth. A knife to carve the wooden piece is not included but any standard penknife is sufficient.

 Let's make chopsticks by hand! Enjoy creating something unique with your own hands.

Handmade chopsticks that you use every day from White Ash. Use a cutter, knife, and attached sandpaper to create the shape and length you like, and finish it with beeswax. 

My chopsticks set contents:
chopsticks tree white ash 1 bowlful, Hashi white ash one 1, sand Paper # 150 # 240 # 400, polishing beeswax 

* Required tool: a small knife