Japanese Skillet in Black


This skillet is made of heat-resistant ceramic. It features a long handle, which is difficult to produce in ceramic. It allows you to carry freshly cooked food to the table. The slightly deep design prevents food from spilling even over an open flame. Made in Tokyo, Japan.

[S] It is recommended for oven dishes like a gratin, seafood, and vegetable ahijos. [M] It can be used for a wide range of cooking, including simple stir-fries, preparing food in the microwave and cooking it directly over an open flame, and making sauces for gratin and other dishes before putting them in the oven.
[L] It is deep enough to handle juicy meat and fish dishes.
[LL] This is a convenient size for a large party menu, paella, or stewed dishes.

Size: W9.6 x D5.5 x H2.5in (S size) W11.8 x D6.7 x H2.7in (M size) W14.8 x D8.5 x H2.7in (L size) W16.7 x D9.7 x H2.8in (LL size)
Material: Heat-resistant ceramic
Microwave oven: OK
Dishwashing machine: OK
Oven: OK
Open fire: OK
IH: NG Electrothermic equipment: NG