Japanese Wool Ribbed Socks in Grey


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Made out of ultra-soft premium wool, these ribbed socks are thick and sturdy yet lightweight. Polwarth is a breed of sheep that is one-quarter Lincoln and three-quarters Merino. They are the pedigree of sheep with lustrous, soft, fine wool. Nishiguchi Kutsushita has selected this blend for its ultimate fluffiness and softness. These socks are thick and irresistibly cozy — embracing your feet with warmth and comfort without the weight.

“Hakuhito omoi” means "to think about the person who will be wearing our products", the concept that Nishiguchi Kutsushita follow when their socks are being made for close to 70 years in Japan. The use of high quality organic fabric and selection of sophisticated weaves made by the newest technology done all at a reasonable cost; these factors are carefully thought out, keeping customers in mind. They strive to create socks that can be worn regardless of the trends. 

Available in small and medium please see size chart.

Materials: 94% wool, 6% nylon