Kamoshika Lemon Squeezer

$55.00 $65.00

Easy and elegant way to make fresh juice. Incorporate the freshness and aroma of freshly squeezed juice to your daily dining table.

It is a porcelain juicer designed so that the hole in the squeezer catches the seeds and only the juice collects in the cup. The just right-sized cup is easy to grasp with one hand and also squeeze the lemon firmly.

The cup with a spout has a simple design that can be put on the table as a pitcher. You can store it compactly by turning the squeezer over and covering it with the cup.

size |squeezer φ4.3 × h1.9in , cup φ3.7 × h2.5in
material | porcelain
capacity | 6.7 oz

Made in Japan by "Japacolle" Japan Collections