Large Custom "APORTA" Brass Key Chain

$30.00 $34.00

Large brass "APORTA" keychain by Chaparral Studio custom for APORTA Shop. 

Large brass key tag measures 2” in diameter.
Includes a lead free split ring.
Each keychain is hand pressed and assembled in our studio in Los Angeles, California.

Chaparral Studio is a creative studio based in Los Angeles, California offering a collection of functional and playful objects that are original designs, many of which are handmade in the studio. Goods range from hand pressed brass key chains, handcrafted jewelry & miniatures, crystals thoughtfully packaged to tell a story, prints and then some.

CS is woman owned, operated and founded in 2012 by California native artist Bianca D’Amico. After graduating from Otis & later an MFA from CalArts, Bianca was intent on building a practice that was hands on offering accessible beautifully crafted pieces while championing humor & liberal perspectives. It was equally important to build a work environment that serves more as a think tank than an office. Best of all the studio is the perfect space for her dog, Australian Shepherd Joni Mitchell to join Bianca every day. 

An ever present theme at Chaparral Studio is building on a California-centric spirit. Weaving together the influence of nearby adventures, local flora, the diverse culture and history of the Golden State. Projects are often drawn out of personal experience with the purpose of facilitating human connection.  

Dedicated to using quality materials with an attention to detail and an ethical approach to design, Chaparral Studio strives to emphasize the importance of the unique charm handmade objects posses and encourages the support of the creative & small business community.