Le Feu De L'eau Artisan Candle in Musk & Smoke


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Le Feu De L'eau Artisan Candle in Musk & Smoke. Hand poured + sculpted underwater. The effect is beautiful, with the wax taking on a painterly effect and each candle is one-of-a-kind.Once you candle is finished place a tea light inside the remaining wax vessel to use as a candle holder and watch the beautiful dancing light of the tea light shine through the colored wax. 

While this artisanal process makes no two alike, Le Feu De L'eau always use lead-free cotton wicks, soy wax blend and each 13 oz. candle has an estimated burn time of 65 hours. Made in the USA.

Notes: Woods / Musk / Amber / Nutmeg / Sandalwood. Your candle must always be on a heat resistant surface. Please keep your wick trimmed to at least 1/4″ and free of any black debris or flower. Always clean your wick before each use to ensure a clean burn and optimum candle performance. Le Feu De L'eau  hand mixes their eco-friendly dyes and combine it with the wax at the same exact time. They pull the dye and wax under water. The form and coloring of the candle is created with the force of the water. Every candle is one of a kind.