Magical Conifer Balm


If the incredible potent smell of Montana could be bottled up in a jar, that would be this jar. Wintertime gathered magic is what is in this balm. Subalpine, ponderosa pine, and spruce solar infused for at least one lunar cycle, sometimes three lunar cycles. Combined with local beeswax and topped with a crystal or stone, you may receive clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, or carnelian.

“The smell of this salve is heavenly, think of pure montana forest bathing. The spruce tree is in my yard, the pines not far away within walking distance, and the subalpine fir is about 30 miles away. subalpine fir is my favorite tree, so so magical. it was also created on a full moon, when the oil is at its peak in medicinal giving. it will make a wonderful balm for massage, and dry skin. I like it on my face but can also be used on cuts, scraps, and burns. However you typically use salve, this will fit right in. Never made with essential oils.”   - Josphine

Salve comes in a 2 oz glass jar. 

Materials: subalpine fir, pine, spruce, beeeswax, crystals, olive oil. Hand made by Simply Josephine in Eureka, Montana.