Midori A4 Blank Notebook


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The MD Notebook is designed for simplicity so that what's on your mind can be easily put on paper. This notebook features a minimalist design; no bells, no whistles, and no cover. 

The MD paper used in this notebook was first developed in the 1960s as Midori's original diary paper, and has continuously gone through quality improvement until today. It is recommended for most writing implements from fountain pens to pencils!

Starting with the water refining process used to ensure the pulp has the proper paste-like consistency, the construction of the MD Notebook is like a living thing made up of many processes, people and machines all working in harmony.  Any living thing must rest to gain the strength to work. The MD Notebook is given time to rest between pressing and other processes described above. First, after being folded, a leveling process is applied. The quires are laid on their sides with weights applied, stitched, and then the spine is immediately pressed. Pressing after stitching is the most important part of all these processes and given the highest priority no matter how busy the factory is.  Pressing occurs again after the fly leaf and inserts are attached. After the string is attached, the product is rested for at least a week before inspection.  Some elements simply have to be removed in order to ensure the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. But each stage of the manufacturing process must be completed carefully and diligently to ensure stable product quality.

  • The cream-colored paper is easy on the eyes while creating a beautiful contrast with black or blue black ink.
  • Crafted using traditional Japanese binding techniques and original methods, this notebook opens flat for easy writing and is highly durable.
  • Exposed spine.
  • 176 pages.
  • Height 11 x Width 8 x Diameter .4 in