Midori A6 Ruled Notebook


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Made in Japan, this simple notebook was designed to create a writing experience that you will enjoy. The high-quality Midori Diary (MD) paper inside was developed in 1960 and has been continuously improved on ever since. Midori has conducted many tests using a variety of writing instruments to inspect the paper quality, including observing whether the ink feathers or bleeds, how it dries, how well the pen tips glide across the surface, how the paper feels to the touch, and so on. As a result, the paper is bleed-resistant, feather-resistant, and fountain-pen friendly, giving the user a pleasant writing experience. The line ruling on the paper features a bold center line that divides each page into a top and bottom section, helping you organize.

The notebook has a sturdy thread binding that lies flat when open, making it easy to write. It also comes with a ribbon marker to keep your place. The cover is not a typical notebook cover. To feature the charm of the paper itself, the cloth tape used to bind the spine, usually hidden by a cover, is exposed, giving the notebook a unique look. You can even see where the ribbon marker is glued in place. The notebook also comes with sticker labels that can be used to label the notebook.

Starting with the water refining process used to ensure the pulp has the proper paste-like consistency, the construction of the MD Notebook is like a living thing made up of many processes, people and machines all working in harmony.  Any living thing must rest to gain the strength to work. The MD Notebook is given time to rest between pressing and other processes described above. First, after being folded, a leveling process is applied. The quires are laid on their sides with weights applied, stitched, and then the spine is immediately pressed. Pressing after stitching is the most important part of all these processes and given the highest priority no matter how busy the factory is.  Pressing occurs again after the fly leaf and inserts are attached. After the string is attached, the product is rested for at least a week before inspection.  Some elements simply have to be removed in order to ensure the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. But each stage of the manufacturing process must be completed carefully and diligently to ensure stable product quality.

Pages: 88
Lines: 19
Cover Material: Card stock
Binding: Thread and Glue
Size: .4'' x 5.8'' x 4.1''