Moisture Mask

By Glō

We love a good face mask, but we especially love this face mask - it really does it all!

Formulated from 100% organic ingredients, this moisturizing face mask exfoliates dull skin while enhancing your complexion’s pigment and texture. Thanks to naturally-derived ingredients like alpha hydroxy and glycolic acids, Vitamins A and E, omega-rich oils, Astaxanthin, plus healing extracts from aloe vera and willow bark, your face will feel pampered and revitalized. Truly the cherry on top of a “pamper yourself” kind of day.

INGREDIENTS:  All ingredients are 100% organic: Therapeutic grade raw Montana Honey, Raw Shea Butter, Raw Mango Seed butter, Aloe extract, Willow Bark Extract, Astaxanthin from red sea algae, essential oil of rose geranium

Made in Bozeman, MT