Organic Green Tea and Kaolin Clay Mask


Green tea is a powerful anti-inflammatory and contains potent antioxidants called catechins, which help to fight damage caused by free radicals. If your skin is very sensitive and often red, products containing green tea extract may help soothe it.

Kaolin clay has a neutral pH and is rich in silica dioxide. Compared to other clays Kaolin clay does not make your skin dry. It is gentle on your skin and makes it's texture soft. Kaolin clay is suited for people with dry, sensitive, and mature skin.

2 gm

Ingredients: Organic green tea, kaolin clay

My Manoa is an environmentally responsible manufacturer located in Manoa Valley, Honolulu, Hawaii. They are committed to using only the purest natural and organic ingredients possible, keeping love for the environment at the forefront of every process.