Palo Santo Ritual Mist


Palo Santo mist is purifying and uplifting, it helps to dispel negative energies and is a tool for creating ritual, meditation and healing work. Essential oil from this sacred wood is blended with Frankincense and Myrrh to create an intoxicating and softly sweet blend. Aromatherapy is powerful, especially combined with clear intentions and our awareness. Use this aromatherapy mist to shift the mood and enhance the energy around you.

Directions: Set intentions, shake well and mist.

Ingredients: distilled water, essential oils of palo santo, myrrh, and frankincense.

2oz glass bottle with mister top.

Born out of a love for herbs and the gentle nourishment they offer, Ula is an artisan apothecary that creates skin and body care essentials for daily self ritual.  Ula is a meditation on plant alchemy,  based on traditional herbal wisdom and inspired by ancient healing practices. 

Products are carefully made by hand in the Ula studio on Orcas Island. Formulas are soothing harmonizers, blended for a truly holistic experience to stimulate our body's own healing capacity and align us in wellbeing.

Founder  Elie Barausky is an herbalist,  holistic esthetician,  and student of the alchemical tradition. When she is not giving treatments or formulating remedies, Elie is most happy out in the garden or hiking in the wild places. Through all of her offerings, she hopes to cultivate beauty, intuition, and a renewed connection to the natural world.