Portable Fireplace Candle


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Portable Fireplace Candle by D.S & Durga. The Portable Fireplace Candle by D.S. & Durga is the ultimate replacement for the real thing. Its luxurious authentic scent of pinewood burning alongside cedar and oak ash creates a delicate smokey fragrance, perfect for your humble hearth-less abode. It’s also good for those folks lucky enough to have a fireplace when they’re feeling too lazy to light it.

Brooklyn perfume pioneers, D.S. & Durga have forged a cult following for their uniquely refined fragrances. Each scent conjures a fantastical world, where art, music and memory entwine.

Scent Notes: Copaiba Resin, Atlas Cedar, Birch, Birch Tar, Cedar, Oak, Pine, Resin, Smoke, Wood
Fragrance Style: Smoky
Wax: Blended Wax
Wick: Cotton Wick
Approximate Duration: 200g – 60hrs