Rob France x APORTA: The Mystics #5


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A collaborative series with Rob France for APORTA. Rob and I have always shared a deep passion for all things beyond the realm, other worldly and mysterious. Inspired by a variety of 1900's explorations in new thinking and creativity, such as Pamela Colman Smith's drawings under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite for a deck of Tarot cards "The Rider Tarot Deck", 19th century womens wear by Josef Hoffman and an incredible Art Nouveau Kolomon Moser painting, originally produced in 1901 as an illustration to a poem by Rilke. 

Each piece is one of a kind and comes with a special packet to accompany your drawing: quartz crystal, black quartz crystal and a stick of palo santo. Find a special place for your drawing, light your palo santo and hold a crystal in each hand, focusing on your new piece of art. Breath. Enjoy. Repeat.

Measures 5 x 8'', foil on paper, watercolor and ink.