Sacred Spirit Anointing Oil


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The best smelling body oil by Meraki Nomad. These beloved plant allies come together to serve as an anointing oil of support, grounding, clarity, and peace - whenever you may need it, wherever you may be. Infused for over 3 moon cycles + made in ceremony, these plant spirits come through extremely potent.

Ingredients: White Sage, Palo Santo, Sunflower, Sun, Moon, Spirit

10 mL glass bottle with metal roller / tiny piece of Palo Santo inside. Handmade in ceremony.

Meraki Nomad is a plant spirit artisan apothecary offering botanical infused medicines for ritual, healing, and beauty. Each offering is handmade by Adrienne using ancient practices and alchemized in an intimate ceremonial communion with the plants as they guide + weave their wisdom through each medicine. Adrienne simply serves as a bridge to share the nourishment + magic of the plants with others.