Shiyaen Tea Pot


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It has the appearance of an iron kettle, yet it has a modern and stylish form. This is a teapot made of iron.The inside is enameled to prevent rusting, and a stainless steel tea strainer is included. The iron casting has a high heat retention property, and the tea does not get cold easily. It is made by the Yamagata Chushin Kobo, and is based on the concept of "bringing the traditional beauty of Japanese casting to today's lifestyles". Using the Yamagata casting technique that has been handed down from ancient times, they have created something that fits well with modern lifestyles, and exhibitions have been held at museums in Japan and around the world.

“Chushin kobo” is a studio proposing the traditional beauty of casting transmitted to Japan due to Hisanori Masuda’s design to today's lifestyle.Traditional crafting is not inherently conservative, but in that era it is a very innovative combination of hard and soft. As a living tool that traditional craft gives richness and happiness to people's lives, a new tradition can be built by having modernity. Chushin kobo is a creative workshop that creates a universal design centering on castings with seeds of Japanese culture.

Size: 5" x 5.9" x H5.9" (not including the vine)
Body material: Iron 
Handle material: Iron
Color: Black Capacity: 650ml
(S Size) 1.2L
*Stainless steel basket with a tea strainer
*Comes in a paper box

Made in Japan