Soy 4oz Northwoods Lodge Travel Candle


A bold and layered scent that uses a vast scent profile to specifically carry you away to a lodge hidden deep in the woods, an elaborate mix of woods and spices effortlessly paint the picture of exposed wood beams, a cozy fireplace and a beautiful winter sunset.

Scent notes: Cedar, Amber, Cashmere

Diameter: 2.56"
Height: 1.81"
Burn time: up to 30 hours

Each candle is handcrafted with all natural, American grown soy wax, cotton or wood wicks and high quality phthalate-free fragrance oils. Soy wax is a natural material, each candle may have its own look and/or texture. 

Beverly and 3rd Candle Co. products are inspired by life. Each scent takes you back to a time and a place of pure enjoyment, floods your mind with the best memories, and brings a smile to your face. Based in Chicago, IL.