Sumac Wax Candles 3 pack


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Hand-made, genuine Japanese candles with 100% natural sumac (HAZE) wax. The sumac wax is a scarce material and can be harvested only in East Asia including Japan. Each piece is literally hand-made by the master craftsmen at DAIYO in Shiga Prefecture using 100% natural materials.  It is said that the number of master candle-making craftsmen counts only 10 in Japan. The Japanese candle wick is hollow made of WASHI-paper, rush weeds and silk fibers.  A piece of WASHI-paper is first rolled and wrapped with rush weeds.  Silk fibers are then used to hold the weeds in place. Thanks to the structure and making processes of the Japanese candles, they burn stably and beautifully with a larger flame than the conventional western candles.  As only natural ingredients are used, they create less soot and odor when extinguished.

Material: HAZE (sumac) wax, rush weed, WASHI-paper, silk fiber
Size: .5 x h 6 in, 85min
*Japanese candle stand sold separately which you can purchase here