Tisane Harmonie Premenstruelle - Bocal en verre


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A herbal tea with a fruity pronunciation to accompany:

  • Helps balance and harmonize the menstrual cycle
  • Helps bring calm and serenity
  • Helps reduce menstrual pain
  • Plants rich in micronutrients(vitamins and minerals) ideal for "nourishing" the blood

Key plants:

  • Provide calm and relaxation: Hibiscus, Orange tree,
  • Help reduce pain and balance the cycle: Lady's Mantle and Yarrow
  • Bring minerals: Nettle

Curanderas means "The Healers" in Spanish. It is a range of artisanal products, based on medicinal plants, 100% natural and ethical. They are formulated and produced by a passionate Naturopath and Herbalist (Angélica), in a holistic approach,with the mission of providing a comprehensive response tofunctional female disorders (period pain, premenstrual syndrome, peri-menopause, fertility, hormonal disorders, etc. )

Mission: To preserve the wisdom of traditional herbalism by building bridges with science through the creation of ethical, artisanal and quality products, and to put it at the service of women's well-being and health.

Vision: Participate in female emancipation by helping women to reclaim their bodies and their health