Tree Oak Candle Holder


Oiled oak candle stick holder with custom brass detail. Due to unique design the holder fits candles of two diameter - Dinner or any slim candles by OVO Things. 

Made from natural material these candle holders may differ slightly in color and pattern of wood; we hope you will enjoy your own. Brass is left untreated, it can oxidize and gain patina over time. You can polish it away to have the detail shiny again or leave it as it is as a result of natural process.  

Height 13 cm, base diameter 8,6 cm; hole diameters: 0,6 cm and 1 cm.

OVO Things makes objects for home and people, the essential pieces that last and give people comfort of having less but better. Seen as everyday luxury, which is understated yet purposeful.

Fits all kinds of candles by OVO Things - like the Dinner and Slim candles.