Wakako Brass Tea Strainer


This tea strainer provides an elegant addition to the process of preparing tea, perfect for the preparation of the most beautiful leaf. 

The dappled tsuchime surface is the result of hand hammering brass, a gleaming material that carries a story of time. With a removable strainer insert, this utensil gives everyday actions of preparing tea, a refined air.

This tea strainer is designed to fit a 9cm diameter tea cup. The exact shape of each piece is unique, reflecting the handcrafted nature of each piece. 

Hand made in Zushi, Japan.

Made from brass. Brass is a material that leans to balancing elegance and function, acquiring a rich patina over time. Brass working calls upon a rich history and inherited tradition of production of metallic kitchenware in Japan.

Every day, Wakako Mochizuki creates whimsical earrings, utensils, accessories, and decor in her Zushi studio. Specializing in beautifully delicate brass, she hammers and welds rigid metals into one-of-a-kind items destined to be imbued with favorite memories.