Wakako Mix and Match Brass Earrings


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Beautiful one-of-a-kind earrings by Japanese maker Wakako Mochizuki. Each piece is sold as a single accessory, allowing you to mix and match from among 12 styles. Each brass earring includes a 14kg filled hoop. Each piece is hand hammered by Wakako meaning each earrings is truly one of a kind. Hand made in Zushi, Japan.

Earring charm is made from brass, earring hoop is 14kg filled, approximately 1.5” L x .75” W

Every day, Wakako Mochizuki creates whimsical earrings, utensils, accessories, and decor in her Zushi studio. Specializing in beautifully delicate brass, she hammers and welds rigid metals into one-of-a-kind items destined to be imbued with favorite memories.

*this listing is for one earring. Please note that due to the nature of brass, this product’s color will oxidize and develop a rich patina with the passage of time. You may carefully polish with your favorite brass polishing method. Please be careful not to bend this delicate piece.

*Please read our Jewelry Care Guide