Gloria Begay, Jennie Slick, and Mary Walker invite you to learn about weaving the Navajo way. In partnership with APORTA Shop, they are bringing their popular Navajo Weaving Techniques Boot Camp class to Missoula, Montana for four days, May 21-24 (Memorial Day weekend). The class tuition of $500 includes the use of a loom and tools. You may use your own yarn or purchase some from Weaving In Beauty (Navajo Churro wool!).You’ll also receive a digital download of our textbook, a sacking needle, edging cord, and binding string.

The class lets you can try Navajo style weaving without investing in equipment that you may not use later. Don’t worry, though! We’ll have plenty of looms, tools, and yarn for your shopping pleasure. They tailor the classes to the needs of the students. You’ll weave seated in a chair with your loom on a table. You may bring your own loom subject to space limitations.


Weaving in Beauty is dedicated to expanding the appreciation and knowledge of the textiles of what is now the southwestern United States. They offer cleaning, repair and appraisal of flatwoven textiles and we coordinate classes in fiber techniques to help others learn.

As part of the weaving community, they provide a forum for discussion of the people, techniques and events encompassing this evolving art form.