APORTA Shop began as a designer textile, knitwear and accessories company called APORTA Textiles in 2012 in Chicago, IL. Founded by artist|designer, Noelle Sharp, APORTA has been fueled by excellence in craftsmanship and quality of living.

Through Sharp's travels and her collaborative design work she has connected with incredible artists and designers. In 2018 sharp opened APORTA’s online store and a retail location in downtown Missoula in 2019, APORTA Shop.

APORTA fibers are handpicked to ensure all products are of the highest caliber. APORTA honors the tradition of honest, hard work.

Local resources and artisans. APORTA believes you deserve to use surround yourselves with exceptionally fine crafted products.


a’Porta Family History

Owner Noelle Sharp comes from a long line of store owners and small businesses on both sides of her parents. Her great, great, great grandfather Stephen a’Porta opened Cafe a’Porta in 1788 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The cafe continued throughout 100's of years and the building still says a’Porta on the outside. The oil painter Vilhelm Rosenstand created a painting called “Outside the Café A Porta, Copenhagen” by 1882.

Her grandmother Florence a’Porta left Denmark after living through the Nazi occupation of Denmark, World War 2 and came to America for a better life. She spoke no English, took the boat from Denmark to New York then a train from New York to California, by herself. When Sharp started her textile company in Chicago in 2011 she changed the spelling of their Danish family name for her business to APORTA as Americans have an easier time pronouncing it that way.


APORTA’s Vision

We are the wanderers, the old ones, close with nature, vikings, nomads, inuits,  hunters, gatherers, mystics and makers. We walk alone, the road shows us where to go. Through time we carry on us our cloth. It’s protection ensures a long life. we come from our ancestors;

They produced the first thread that would protect us through the voyage. It is our heirloom. APORTA is the door. you are encouraged to walk through.

No matter where the door takes you, carry your cloth with you. choose wisely. It will be with you until the end