A Time of New Beginnings and Old Endings; July


This month brought so much change to the world; re-openings, re-closings, and re-openings again. Here's what kept us somewhere in the middle of it all:


We're contemplating what it means to be an artist these days. How do you create what you want and still make a living? How do you fight for change in your work? How do you actually fight for change in your life? We don't know the answers to any of these questions; but maybe Lindy West does. 

Sampha - 100 Celsius


We'll be listening to this song, and this song only, throughout the next heat wave.

Kakigōri Bar helped us celebrate our two year anniversary this month. It was nothing short of perfect.



This handcrafted clothing line out of Seattle, WA is really doing it for us. 



At risk of sounding cliche...treat yourself. 


The blue stars on the map below represent free community refrigerators in Missoula. If you have a few extra dollars this month, buy some water bottles and stock a fridge!