A month for love, for new beginnings, and for the first few tastes of Spring. With the turmoil of the world around us, it is crucial to take moments for ourselves; moments of joy, and tenderness, and utter peace. Here are some of the places we found joy this month.

on keeping up to date

The Kyiv Independent is Ukraine's English-language media outlet that was created by journalists who aim to defend editorial independence. It's crucial to be informed in these tumultuous times, and getting your information first hand from those impacted most is the best place to start. Donate to their GoFundMe or subscribe to their Patreon to support their ongoing efforts. 

self care routines

New goodies from an old favorite; Glossier recently introduced their After Baume, a heavy duty moisturizer perfect for these chilly transitional days. The best part is that it comes in a reusable glass jar! It's perfect for daily use or for tricky spots, like elbows, knees, and creases!


in three parts

TV: The past month, I couldn't stop watching Inventing Anna, the story of notorious scammer Anna Delvey. Full of stars and plenty of drama, this is the perfect binge watch!

Books: This month Noelle has been loving The One Inside by Sam Shepard (with a forward by Patti Smith), a wild story about the mysteries of love, life, and death. Full of music and travel, this book is sure to scratch every itch you've got.

Movies: You know how much we love a good Icelandic sheep here at APORTA! This Icelandic horror movie, LAMB, about a newborn lamb that mysteriously appears hit everything for us! 

what we've been eating

To know them is to love them, one of Missoula's best little restaurants is the Soup Farm! Their rotating selection of house made stocks and soups is sure to please everyone, even the most picky eaters. We also love their grab and go options for this nights you just don't feel like cooking.

what we've been wearing

We have been absolutely obsessed with Local Woman clothing! These one of a kind pieces are the brainchild of Sarah Gregg Millman, a designer from Toronto. She sources end of run, hard to find fabrics to create beautiful pieces inspired by the beaches of Novia Scotia when she was a child. You can catch Noelle rocking one of these gorgeous pink striped blouses all spring!

songs we can't stop dancing to

This month has been all about finding grooves to keep us moving, and U-Roy, a legendary Jamaican singer, has been on repeat for just that reason! His 1971 hit album, Version Galore (both volumes 1 and 2), is full of music that will make you want to move! Check out some of our favorites and some other songs that kept us going this month in our February playlist!