Saffron & Jasmine 11oz Candle


The Saffron and Jasmine APORTA Design Studio candle. The perfect blend of woody and floral. Saffron permeates the air with its smoky, alluring aroma, tinged with a subtle undertone of honey. In contrast, the jasmine in the candle provides an aromatic olfactory experience, rich in a deep floral sweetness, a hint of fruity delights, and an intriguing earthiness.

By APORTA Design Studio

Scent Profile
Top notes / Saffron and Jasmine
Middle notes / Amberwood and Ambergis
Base notes / Fir resin and Cedar

Poured by hand in the USA from plant based wax
Burn time ranging approximately 56*
11oz clear glass jar measures 3.5'' tall by 3.25'' wide

*When extinguishing your candle, be sure to snuff out the flame as soon as the wax liquifies. Doing so will ensure a longer life-span for your candle, allowing the wax to cool and spread its aroma throughout the air.