Charcoal 11oz Candle


The Charcoal Candle by APORTA Design Studio. Deep and earthy, with notes of cedarwood and sandalwood blended with smokey amber and oud. 

Cedarwood has a less pronounced minty scent and less musky aroma than pine or patchouli, and is notably less sweet and smoky compared to sandalwood. But when blended together, cedarwood's deep base notes make for a complementary balance to sandalwood's subtle sugary notes, creating a seamless harmony.

Oud is an alluring oil derived from the sap of certain trees, which is valued in perfumery for its base-note depth and luxurious, animal-like aroma. This grounding, earthy note imbues oud fragrances with an inimitable sensuousness and captivating depth that make them synonymous with seduction.

Scent Profile
Top notes / chestnut, charred-maple, orange-blossom
Middle notes / clove and cinnamon
Base notes / embers, cedar wood

Poured by hand in the USA from plant based wax
Burn time ranging approximately 56*
11oz clear glass jar measures 3.5'' tall by 3.25'' wide

*When extinguishing your candle, be sure to snuff out the flame as soon as the wax liquifies. Doing so will ensure a longer life-span for your candle, allowing the wax to cool and spread its aroma throughout the air.