Learn how to DIY face mask with beautiful Japanese TENUGUI cloths. 

TENUGUI is a hand-dyed, rectangular cloth traditionally used in Japan as functional everyday housewares / garments. There are many uses of TENUGUI, and among them is a face mask.

All you need are a piece of TENUGUI and two pieces of elastic bands. You can make it in a minute and don't need to sew it at all.

*Please note: this mask is meant for the general public to wear as per the Center for Disease control advice. It is not designed for medical professionals.

After use, simply unfold the TENUGUI and machine-wash it. It is reusable and, most of all, it works!

- IJF Trading

With TENUGUIs, you can wrap things such as a bento box, wine bottle, etc.

TENUGUIs can be used in many ways in the kitchen and on the table.