We are in love with Incausa incense. This socially responsible company collaborates with artisans, villages, and associations of eight different native ethnicities of the Amazon Basin. On top of that, they make beautiful incense sticks free of the toxic carcinogens found in commercial incense. 

Taking a moment out of your busy day to light a stick of incense can help decrease your body’s sympathetic nervous system (a.k.a. the stress response, or the body’s fight or flight response). Perhaps you wake up with anxiety, or come home from work feeling worn out. Finding a moment of calm in your morning ritual or in the evening before you Netflix-and-chill-out can help minimize your body’s stress response. By finding a moment of stillness and taking a deep inhale of cozy and soothing incense you can decrease your heart rate, increase circulation, and aid in digestion. 

Here are a few tips for bringing incense into your daily ritual: 

Find a spot in your home or apartment that feels grounding and centering. It could be by a window or a fireplace. Perhaps the kitchen or even by the bathtub. 

Create a heat and fire resistant surface. You can fill a bowl or cup with grain, rice, salt, or sand, and place your incense stick in the center of the bowl. Or, you could even use a candle or a shell. Check out one of our artisan incense holders for extra style points. Find an incense holder to match your decor - choose from a variety of styles in wood, glazed ceramic, or stoneware.