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'The Red Hand Files' is the blog of singer/song-writer nick cave. a series of questions are asked by members of the public and he replies in letter form accompanied by an image

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pastina is a variety of pasta consisting of tiny pieces of pasta, typically of a round shape with a diameter of about 1.6 millimetres. it is the smallest type of pasta produced. it is made of wheat flour and may also include egg. We like a simple recipe with butter (did we mention a lot of butter?), salt, arugula and fresh tomatoes. enjoy!

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take a trip to the stunning world of nadia yaron. nadia yaron was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and raised in New York. now an upstate new york-based artist sculpting with wood, stone, and metal. nadia’s work reflects simplicity, impermanence, imperfection and fragility.  with an appreciation of texture her tools of choice are chainsaws, axes and hand carving tools. nadia is self-taught and develops her own language around her implements and mediums. she bows to the omnipotence of nature by embracing the perfection and inherent truth of its natural materials. 

image reference: nadia yaron