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curious readers start young. the new york times for kids. these monthly print-only sections are intended for readers ages 8 to 13 and will help your kids understand the world.

image source: new york times

enjoy this gorgeous 30 minute video of a variety of nature clips and sounds from studio ghibli films. perfect for relaxing before bed with a cup of tea. 

image source: studio ghibli

 one of our favorite records, a reissue of a timeless piece of hellenic ritualism: the folk dance of ANASTENARIA. originally released in 2008 by the greek imprint echomusic and edition zero, the music that you’ll encounter was recorded in the greek village of agia eleni, serres, between 20-21 of may 1979. anastenaria is a traditional fire-walking ritual performed in some villages in northern greece and southern bulgaria. so make yourself some tea, find a comfy spot to relax and get lost in trance like state while listening.

image reference: bandcamp