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Rosanna Jones is a photographer and mixed media image maker based in London. She is a graduate in Fashion Photography from Falmouth University. Her work specialises in an experimental blend of art and photography; celebrating the physical possibilities of an image, rather than simply its two dimensional form. Her trademark aesthetic has been built through years of painting over, ripping up, burning and otherwise distressing her photography to create tactile portraits that defy the flat images they once were.

image source: rossanna jones

Our latest scent obsession at the store and in our home. Say hello to two new scents by California based candle NORDEN: Oresund and Monhegan.  

image source: norden

Kourosh Yaghmaei is an Iranian guitarist, singer, and early pioneer of rock music in Iran. He is best known internationally for his unique presentation of early Iranian rock throughout the 1970s . His voice was banned for 17 years after 1979.

image reference: discogs