Today List

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Plan your day with intention.

It’s not how much you accomplish, it’s how you move through your to-do’s.

After centuries of being a singular-only word, “priority” evolved into “priorities” and our perspective was forever changed on what ‘important’ means.

Start by listing your main priority of the day, then break it down into the smaller related tasks involved. Optionally, list other tasks to attend to, if you have time along with any other things to remember. At the bottom is a reminder of self-care actions to help bring you back into balance.

Clear + connected = maximum efficiency and flow. The today list reminds us to identify what matters most, to shift away from a hurried, multi-tasking mindset, and to be thoughtful with the time we have.

3.5" x 8.5", 50 pages. Designed and printed in California, USA. Packaged in an eco-friendly and compostable plastic-alternative sleeve by All Of It.